Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Raising the Bar

In this blog we are going to talk a lot about Biblical manhood, and what it looks like to treat our sisters in Christ the way that God intended us to. This blog is going to talk about things that will make a lot of guys uncomfortable. This blog is going to make a lot of men angry, and a lot of men will feel attacked. The reason why this blog must be written though is this: Satan wants nothing more than for Christian men to behave like little boys, and for those little boys to marry incredibly Godly women, and RUIN those women's lives.

My sisters, I love you entirely too much to allow for this to happen. I refuse to let you settle for less than what God intended for you. Every single one of you are precious gems that deserve to be honored, cherished and adored. Many of you are more than willing to settle for less than this because you feel lonely or insecure, but I beg you, DO NOT SETTLE for the cowards that will tell you sweet things to make you trust them and then SLACK OFF and treat you like less than the precious princess that you are. You are a daughter of the KING OF KINGS, this makes you a princess. A princess does not beg to be treated correctly, she does not beg for attention, rather it is expected. There are a handful of guys that know what right looks like, and will actually do more than fill the void of loneliness in your life. The hope of this blog is to change that handful of men that know what right looks like into a plethora of men.

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