Sunday, December 18, 2011

Raising the Bar # 3.5: Signs you are being led on

1. If a guy is serious about you, chances are he won't be able to wait to have the DTR (Define the relationship) with you.  If a guy is spending a significant amount of his time talking to you, and hanging out with you, but hasn't had a conversation with you where he explains his intentions, chances are you are being led on. 

2.  If you spend a majority of your time "texting," but very little time actually SEEING each other chances are the guy isn't really serious about you.  If a guy is interested, he will be intentional about spending time with you. 

3.   If you find yourself initiating a lot of the conversations, chances are hes just not that into you.  MAKE HIM PURSUE YOU.

4.  To find out if a guy is serious about you, see if he will introduce you to his friends.  If he seems to have a problem with it, there is probably something going on that he isn't telling you.

5.  If a guy is serious about you he should find opportunities to serve you.  Any guy that says he is interested in you, but doesn't find ways that he can serve you, is most likely either a complete joke, or isn't that interested in you.

This needs to be redone, and added onto.  I'll revisit this later, but I felt like I couldn't write about guys "playing the field," without letting you girls know some of the major signs that you are dating a guy that is most likely, "playing the field." 

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